PCMTec Editor Enthusiast

PCMTec Editor Enthusiast. Designed for the person who wishes to tune their vehicle only.
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$300.00 (AUD)

• 1 vehicle license (Total 3 credits $AUD 150)
• Automatic updating of the calibration templates (requires internet connection)
• Tune Ford BA/BF/FG petrol (including LPG, Turbo models and Territory but excluding EcoBoost)
• Monitor (Scan) vehicle
• Calibrate BTR 4 speed and 5R55N Automatic transmissions
• Calibrate T-MAP and Boost sensors
• Tune Variable Cam Timing (VCT)
• Ability to compare tune against the factory calibration.
• 12 month updates for the application and the calibrations
• Community support (forums)

Products specifications
Bundled Credits 1 Credit
Bundled Credits 1 Credit
Bundled Credits 1 Credit
Enthusiast Templates Enthusiast Templates